About Us

Once upon a summer in 2017, a small group of friends found themselves bound together by a shared passion for the art of gift-giving. Their desire to spread joy and the relentless pursuit of the perfect present led them to embark on a journey that would eventually lead to the creation of Giftique.

The founders believed in the happiness that comes from making others happy with a unique gift, and Giftique became a place for those who believed in the magic of giving.

Giftique started with a commitment to supporting local businesses. The founders aimed to highlight the creativity in their community by putting together a collection of the best products, each with its own special touch and story.

The main goal was simple: to make gift-giving easy and create an extraordinary experience. Giftique focused on offering carefully chosen gifts with meaningful messages, whether to express gratitude, offer congratulations, or simply brighten someone's day.

The journey had its challenges, but the founders persevered with dedication. Giftique became known for its attention to detail, making every step of the gift-giving process memorable. From selecting products that aligned with the brand's values to crafting personal messages, every aspect was handled with care.

As word spread about Giftique's commitment to quality, creativity, and community support, the business thrived. What started as a small idea in the summer of 2017 grew into a successful venture that brought joy to both gift givers and recipients.

Today, Giftique stands as a symbol of passion and the impact of thoughtful gifts. The founders' journey from a shared love for giving to creating a company that celebrates the art of thoughtful gifting continues to inspire others to spread happiness, one carefully chosen gift at a time.