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This Easter basket provides all the traditional elements of the holiday in a variety of shades of pink. With all of the treats and trinkets included, your child will be delighted. Time-saving convenience is provided, allowing more time for festivities. Simply place the cellophane around the basket, arrange the items, and tie a bow with the pink ribbon provided. (cellophane, grass, flag, pink plastic egg filled with erasers and pink ribbon are included)

Add on a plush bunny or sunnies to make it even more special. Send us a message and we will let you know what options we still have available.

Each basket includes:


OOLY-Chunkies Paint Sticks: Pastel 

Little artists love painting, but while parents love the pictures, they don’t always love the mess. With easy to grip Chunkies Paint Sticks, kids have more control of keeping the paint on the paper and off the walls. The quick drying colors mean no more unintentional smudges, plus pictures are ready to hang almost instantly. The pastel shades add a touch of soft, subtle, yet pretty color to any art.

Set of 6

Suitable for ages 3 and up.


 Kinder Easter Chocolate Happy Figures Bunny - 3.5oz

  • Individually wrapped in seasonal foil
  • Milk chocolate with creamy milk filling
  • Perfect for basket stuffers and small gifts
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • PERFECT FOR EASTER: Get your holiday hopping with Kinder and the delicious taste of sweet cream and milk chocolate. The perfect Easter basket chocolate.


Handmade Easter Pennant Flag

A small Easter flag that can be used year after year.


Pink Easter Scrunchie

Each pink scrunchie has an "Easter Bunny" tag that is attached with a rose gold staple, perfect for gifting! The scrunchie is made of velvet material.



What’s zero calories and absolutely sweet? These endearing pastel-colored Note Pals sticky tabs! Each sticky tab can help you mark pages in a book, notebook, or sketchpad.

Each set includes 90+ sticky tabs. 


Handmade Bunny Bait

Begin a festive new Easter tradition with our Bunny Bait; a delightfully adorable way to bring the Easter bunny to your door. Easy to follow instructions provided on each tag.

The Bunny Bait is made up of oats and sprinkles and comes supplied in easy to sprinkle plastic tubes.

Each tube contains approximately 3.75 oz of bunny bait


Kraft Bunny Sketchpad

Small bunny sketchpad perfect for making sketches and drawings. The size makes it ideal for small hands.

The size of each pad is 4x6 and includes 60 sheets